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It's time to get ready!  Lots of Holidays are right around the corner.

Halloween treats are chocolate pops, gummy spiders, oreo monsters, mashmallow mummy pops, and rice crispy pops.

Remember to place your order for our chocolate turkies for Thanksgiving.  We make them in milk, dark, and white chocolate.

We are not sure what the next few months will bring in the way of lead times and shipping.  We are hearing that shipping will take longer. (Hopefully not tlike last year when expected delivery of 2-3 days took up to 6 weeks.)  So, why not celebrate early! 

The showroom is OPEN Monday - Saturday from 10-5.

Thank you for your understanding,  patience and support.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

~ Melanie

Visit us on Facebook at: chocolatesmilescarync for lots of pictures.

Chocolatiers since 1984

Start with fresh ingredients.  Small batches of  hand made chocolates. A quarter century of successful candy making in Cary, North Carolina. The results, wonderful chocolates.

Our desire, creating chocolates that will make yours, a friend, or  loved one's day that more special.

We appreciate your business.  Thank you for shopping local!